Testosterone Injections VS Androgel and Creams

You have not been feeling yourself for months or even years, you have low energy and your mind does not seemed focused. You have lost your sex drive, you are no longer waking up with an erection in the morning. Your once lean and athletic body now is covered in a layer of fat. Perhaps from advice from a friend or from reading a site such as isitlowtinfo.com you decided to go get some blood testing performed by your doctor to find out what your T levels are.


You find out your T levels are below the normal and your doctor gives you a choice of either a topical gel such as Androgel or weekly injections of Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate. This is the time when you will be glad that you have read this article at isitlowtinfo.com. When you are done reading this article you will be more informed about choosing either testosterone injections or testosterone gels. Please keep in mind that I am no doctor and this article is just my opinion based upon my own experience as a man who has Low T.


adrogelTestosterone Gels


Currently there are many Testosterone or Androgen creams and gels on the market. The marketing strategies that the manufacturers of these products use are very aggressive about getting the medical community to prescribe them. These companies are very effective in persuading your doctor to use them over injections for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.
Testosterone Gels are much more expensive for the patient that has Low T Levels; they have been known to cost as much as $400.00 per month, depending on the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Testosterone creams are applied topically usually on the upper arm or torso, every day at the same time. One of the problems with testosterone gels is the absorption rate is not exact, it can vary from really good to really bad. This can cause your testosterone levels to bounce all over; obviously you are trying to get your T Levels to remain stable so this uneven absorption rate can create a problem.
When you apply the testosterone gel, you have to make sure that no one comes into contact with the applied area on your body while the Androgel or testosterone cream is being absorbed. You obviously do not want your kids getting testosterone gel on them.
The absorption rate can vary from 25% to 60% with Testosterone Gels or compound creams; this is why many low t men prefer Injections for the delivery method of Testosterone.
Keep in mind that gels and creams are a good choice if you are afraid of intramuscular injections. You will have to apply the gel or cream every day, and it can be a nuisance for the amount of time the ointment has to dry-which is usually 15 minutes up to an hour. This waiting period can be dependent on the amount of oil on your skin or even the humidity level in the air. There have been reports of as many as 20 percent of men using gels never receive enough testosterone to improve low T symptoms.


Testosterone Injections



Testosterone Injections are less expensive than testosterone gels. The cost is usually around $100.00 to $200.00 a month, or around $50.00 per shot. Testosterone injections are usually taken once per week, or sometimes once every two weeks. Learning how to self administer injections is pretty simple, or you could have a family member or friend deliver the injections for you. Your doctor’s office can make appointments for you to come into the office to have a nurse give you the testosterone shots if needed (this will cost you though).
If you really want to see fast low T improvements then Injections are the answer, no other delivery method of Testosterone is as effective as injections. Many times an insurance company will pay for injections but not for Gels.
I personally use the Injection method of testosterone delivery, I self administer 1cc of Testosterone Enanthate or testosterone Cypianate weekly. I have used a compound cream prior and found the absorption rate to vary too much, which caused dips and spikes in my T Levels. I did not care for the smell of the testosterone cream either; it was an inconvenience to administer the cream daily, especially if I was travelling.
The Testosterone injections really are not that painful and most Low T men get over the fear of injections. I feel a boost in my levels within 24 hours usually when I take my injection of Testosterone Enanthate. In over two years of taking weekly injections of Testosterone I have had no negative side effects, and my T levels are constantly in the 900 range.
If you do not mind intramuscular injections weekly, and you want to pay about half of the cost as Gels then testosterone injections may be the answer for you.


I am no doctor so do more research and talk with your own doctor about the benefits of each method before making a choice regarding Testosterone Injections VS Androgel or Creams.

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4 Responses to “Testosterone Injections VS Androgel and Creams”

  1. I just started enant shots (100 per week)compared to to 4 pumps of 1.62. My fear is that 100ml a week is not enough and my 400 test levels will drop, yet again. It has taken me over 2.5 years to get it to 400 and this has all been through the advice of my Doctors. So to be on what I call the “safe side” I will be adding 2 pumps per day and then get checked in 10 weeks or less.
    I’d rather be be on the hi side and work my way down then to go through another 2.5 years of feeling like crap, because the book of endro says to start ar 100 or less. I will keep you posted.
    Bobby D

  2. Thank for the excellent information. I started on the gel 6 months ago and have not experienced much of a change in T levels. I also am not feeling any better with the severe exhaustion or other low T symptons. The expense is also killing me so I’m hoping my doctor will allow me to start injections after my next visit.

  3. New Androgel 1/62% (silver box/dark blue bottle) absorbs much faster and better than the older version.

  4. Can I inject T creams using standard insulin needles?

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