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testosterone pelletTestopel (implanted testosterone pellets)

If you have Low T levels and thought that the only way to deliver Testosterone into your body was through painful injections or messy gels, you need to know about Testopel.

Testopel is Testosterone in a pellet form, which is about a third of the size of a dime per pellet. Each pellet is cylindrically shaped and 1/8 inch in diameter. Each Testopel pellet contains approximately 75mg of testosterone. Testopel also contains the following inactive ingredients: stearic acid USP 0.2mg and polyvinlypyroidone USP 2mg.

Testopel is implanted through a surgical procedure consisting of your doctor numbing a small area above the buttocks area and making a small incision where the pre-determined amount of testopel pellets are inserted into the fatty area below the skin. Once the testopel is implanted in the skin it will begin to slowly release testosterone into the body, creating a long lasting androgen effect. Your doctor may insert as many as 10 testopel pellets to get your Low T levels raised to normal levels.

Once Testopel is implanted the release of testosterone last up to three months, removing the need for weekly testosterone injections or daily administering of messy gels for low t levels. Recent testopel reviews show a high success rate for treating men with Low T.

Here is a video of a Testopel surgical procedure:

testosterone wrestleAdvantages of Testopel

Testosterone Pellets are a more convenient way to deliver testosterone into the body. Testosterone pellets deliver a more steady supply of testosterone which minimizes the hormonal swings most low t men experience with injections.

Disadvantages of Testopel

Testosterone pellets require a minor surgical procedure, and once the Testopel is implanted you cannot adjust the dosage without requiring another surgical procedure to add or remove testosterone pellets.

Testosterone Pellet Side Effects

Along with the known effects of testosterone therapy, Testopel requires a surgical procedure which may cause a risk of infection at the incision site; it is also possible that your body may reject the testosterone pellets. There have been reports of bruising and prolonged soreness after the testosterone pellets have been implanted. There have also been instances when the testosterone pellets have came out of the incision area, especially in active men with Low T.

Cost of Testosterone Pellets

Tetopel has been known to cost as much as $75.00 per tablet so the cost can be substantial considering most Low T men require 4-8 Testopel pellets every 2-3 months, including the cost of the doctors fees this can add up. Some insurance companies are paying for Testopel treatment.

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